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We are Liga Solidária (Solidarity League), a Civil Society Organization founded in 1923 in São Paulo, Brazil, based on the belief that we can build a fairer society with more opportunities if we can unite love, work and solidarity.

Every year, we help over 13 thousand children, youth, adults and senior citizens in highly vulnerable social situation through nine educational and citizenship programs, as part of our daily effort to rebuild people’s dignity and increase their independence.

13,000 Impacted
9 Program

Education and Citizenship

Our Principles


To provide social and educational initiatives that raise children’s, youth’ and adults’ awareness of their dignity and transformative potential.


To strive for excellence in our social initiatives by means of efficient,modern management that focuses on human solidarity. To optimize equity returns to meet social demands. To share the knowledge we build across networks.


Christian Principles

Social Programs

The Solidarity League, founded on March 10, 1923 as Catholic Ladies League of São Paulo, is a non-profit civil society organization that develops socio-educational and citizenship programs that benefit over 13,000 children, adolescents, adults and the elderly per year who live in extreme poverty.

Social Program
Social Program
Social Program
Social Program
Social Program
Social Program
Social Program
Social Program

I want to help

We believe in developing human potential no matter the circumstances. There are many ways in which you can help us achieve our goals and make a difference in the lives of too many who need the most.

We are with open arms to welcome the collaboration of companies and citizens interested in making our society more egalitarian.

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2030 UN Agenda

Solidarity League commits the project transforming our world. The un 2030 Agenda for sustainable development.


Social Investment

The Solidarity League continues to perform its activities dedicated to social programs affirming their importance in the communities where it operates, increasing its visibility and investments in social actions, always seeking to maintain excellence in our services.

Social Investment 2020

Primeira Infância 21.677.216 57%
Valoração de Doações e Voluntariado 5.968.459 16%
Crianças e Adolescentes 3.394.454 9%
Qualificação Profissional 2.550.326 7%
Famílias 1.972.247 5%
Esportes 1.245.265 3%
Idosos 1.014.899 3%
Nutrição 164.931 0,4%
Educação de Adultos 61.501 0,2%
Total 38.049.299 100%

* Does not include the valuation of voluntary service and product donations totaling R $ 6.9M. Includes the amount of R $ 77K related to financial expenses incurred during 2018.

Annual Report 2020

International Partners

Where We Are

All our work is focused in the city of São Paulo and more than 90% of the social programs take place at Dom Duarte Educational Complex (DDEC), in the Raposo Tavares district, Butantã, in the eastern zone of the city.

Av. Eng. Heitor Antônio Eiras García, 5985 - Jardim Esmeralda, São Paulo - SP

Dom Duarte Educational Complex (EDD): 480 thousand square meters. Equivalent to 67 football fields.

Fernanda Quintas

Fernanda Quintas

Institutional Relations and
International Fundraising

  • Phone:+1 (314) 583 8616
  • St. Louis, MO | New York, NY

Fernanda Quintas was born in Brazil and lives in St. Louis, MO since September 2019. She is a lawyer, with master’s degrees in Brazilian Tax Law, Fundraising (NYU) and Public Policies. From the past 11 years she has built her career and experience working with different social – non profit organizations in Brazil and in the US, private, public or sponsored by groups in different projects in areas like education, health, girls empowering, among others, aiming to impact and support people with high social and economic vulnerability in Brazil. This became her biggest passion and commitment to the civil society.


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